Exclusive VIP Eco–Cleaning package

We offer a VIP package that delivers our eco-friendly products directly to your home, where they stay for your exclusive use. Our cleaning technicians will utilize these products during their visits and you can use it too if needed. Once depleted, the products are replaced and you pay for only what you need, ensuring continuity of service. With this VIP package, you enjoy a 10% discount on your first deep cleaning service and a free inside refrigerator clean every quarter, while significantly reducing cross-contamination risks as the products are exclusively yours. The package includes 10 multi-color microfiber cloths, various eco-friendly products such as Melaleuca, armway, Shaklee, a fiber microfiber mop, and an optional bucket if needed. These products typically last for about six months. VIP is $200

Please Note: This package is available only for Weekly or Biweekly clients.

This Package includes:

  1. ECO-FRIENDLY product Kit: Selected high-quality non-toxic cleaning products, mop, and microfiber cloths preventing cross contamination and ensuring a sparkling clean home or office without compromising the environment or health. The VIP Kit is purchased by client and all products stays in clients home.
  2. Periodic restocking of cleaning products which is purchased by client.
  3. Priority scheduling: You are given cleaning priority in the cleaning queue when you require cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  4. A free refrigerator cleaning every quarter.
  5. 10% discount on your first deep clean.

Need our Exclusive VIP Eco–Cleaning package?